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12 Nov

I guess I messed up NoBloPoMo. Ah, well.

I have been super busy! I took the GRE on Saturday. Now I never have to worry about it again! That was taking up a lot of mental real-estate, and I feel much more relaxed now. I got a very, very good score on the Verbal section, which is the only part that matters for me, and a pretty bad but not god-awful score on the Quantitative section.

I’m also working on some mitts, or fingerless gloves. Wow! Knitting content! I usually don’t know fast enough to make knitting content worthwile.


I made it to match the hat I made with Ysolda Teague’s Gretel pattern. I’m about halfway through the second one. It’s very cozy!


Just another day

5 Nov

Poo! I almost forgot to post today. I skipped classes and holed up in the library to study for the GRE. I am nervous about it but I think it will be fine. I am doing great on the Verbal section, and that is the most important part for me, along with the Analytical. I know I’ll score low on the math section, but that doesn’t matter so much.
A huge bunch of black students joined up and marched around the quad today. They had signs and were cheering and singing. It was pretty cool. A lot of happy people today, except for Proposition 8 passing. I can’t believe that many people think it’s okay to amend the California constitution to keep couples from making a legal commitment to each other. I don’t know why we can’t separate civil marriages from religious marriages in this country. Maybe that would be seperate but equal, but I would rather have that than nothing.

I made a schedule for tomorrow so I get lots of studying and cleaning done. Just a minute for the internet, so hopefully I’ll remember to post!

Election Day!

4 Nov

Here are James and I leaving the polling place. It was at an elementary school a short walk from our apartment. I thought I would take some pictures and do a photo tour of my neighborhood.

This is one of the beautiful old houses in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is called Boulevard Park.

These are the railroad tracks that cross midtown between 19th and 20th streets.

After we voted we walked up 19th street to Starbucks for a free cup of coffee!

When we got to the counter the girl said “Are you here for your free voter coffee?”

Crossing the tracks again.

This is the grassy median that divides 21st Street. You can see the edge of the “Boulevard Park” sign.

A cat named Maury lives at this house.

Home again!

Election Day tomorrow!

3 Nov

I can’t wait to vote tomorrow. A few Propositions are no-brainers — no on 8 and 4! — but I’m still undecided on a few others. Time to get out the voter handbook.