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California Girl

18 Jan

I always want to call this Hella Good.


A productive day in the kitchen.

12 Jan

It never got about 30 degrees yesterday, so we decided to stay in. I wanted to get some studying done, but spent most of the day in the kitchen!

I started out by making Blueberry Oat bread. I didn’t have any buttermilk so I used equal parts whole milk and nonfat plain yogurt. This is a delicious breakfast bread, and very low fat. I used whole wheat flour too.

Then I made a loaf of whole wheat bread. My regular recipe uses white flour in addition to whole wheat, and I wanted a 100% whole wheat bread so I found this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website. I used milk and water instead of nonfat dry milk.

After the first rise, waiting for the second rise. In the background you can see a butternut squash and purple potatoes from Enterprise Farm. They have a farm stand on Saturday mornings, and sell their produce plus produce from other small farmers along the east coast. They even have local flour, which I will buy when I run out of what I have now.

Second rise done and ready for the oven. I didn’t get a photo of it after baking because we tore into it too fast.

I also made corn chowder for dinner. I should transcribe it because it’s a really good one, and very easy. It’s from Cook’s Country magazine.

Any recipe that starts out with frying bacon is bound to be good! You cook the onions and potatoes in the bacon fat, then top the finished soup with the bacon pieces. Or just eat the bacon pieces while you’re waiting for the soup to cook.

The soup was delicious with the bread. We had leftovers for dinner tonight. The recipe says it’s 4 servings, but James and I each had a huge bowl last night, and another huge bowl tonight and there is still a lot left.

Drive to Vermont and New Hampshire

7 Jan

James and I went to lunch at The Rendezvous in Turner’s Falls today. We decided to go for a drive afterward and ended up in New Hampshire! We decided to head west into Vermont before heading home.

Turners Falls is an old mill town on the Connecticut River.

The sun was setting as we headed north.

We drove through Brattleboro, which is a cute little town. It was cold and dark though, so we decided to go home and come back another day.

Back in Massachusetts!