Butternut and Purple Potato Gratin

15 Mar

I haven’t been cooking much since James went back to Baltimore in January! He is here for spring break though, so I have been cooking. I have a sweet potato and swiss chard gratin in the oven right now. I love gratins. They are such a great way to turn veggies into healthy comfort food, as long as I restrain my cheese-grating!

With James gone I have been eating a lot of sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs. Luckily I have local sources for both.

Diemand Farm eggs are widely available around here, even in regular grocery stores. They are so delicious! Their shells are thick and brown, and their yolks are such a beautiful golden color.

My new farm discovery is Swartz Farm in Amherst. It is right down the street from the Renaissance Center, which is so convenient for me. They have CSA shares, but you can also order whatever produce you want online, and pick it up on either Friday or Monday afternoon. Their food is wonderful! I made a potato, leek and carrot soup using their potatoes and carrots, which was so delicious!

This gratin is the last meal I made for James before he left. I got the purple potatoes and the butternut squash at the Enterprise Farm Food Shed. They were so pretty! I don’t remember where I got the recipe for this. I think I cobbled it together from a few I found online. It was good but ended up far too watery. Maybe I used too much milk? I put the leftovers in the freezer, and they re-heat well.


Ready to eat.

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